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The SkyCaddie SG4 is a great option for golfers looking for an economical rangefinder. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a large grey scale screen which shows the distances to fairway hazards, carries and green targets.

IntelliGreen® Pro (Beta) is a dynamically-enhanced version of IntelliGreen® that adds the ability to display major tiers, contours, false fronts and mounds from your angle of approach to the green. With IntelliGreen Pro, you’ll always know what’s ahead, no matter where you are on the hole… even if you can’t see the green!

SkyCaddie QuickVue™ powered by TrueGround™ Mapping
SkyCaddie’s exclusive QuickVue™ provides a virtual preview of the safest path from the tee to green. At a single glance, golfers know the exact green shape with IntelliGreen®, the total distance from tee to the green, the shape of the golf hole, the distance and direction to the perfect fairway position and the distance remaining from that position for the approach shot to the green.

Instant Distances to Greens and Hazards
With the SkyCaddie, you receive instant yardages to critical targets as you move down the fairway. Hazards behind you are automatically removed from the display, while those between you and the green are shown, providing hands-free operation. Knowing the distance needed to clear a hazard or bunker allows you to manage your game and eliminate those 6, 7, 8s from your scorecard.

Mark Your Ball
How far did you hit that drive? 5-iron, 9-iron or wedge? The SkyCaddie can tell you with a simple touch of a button. Knowing how far you hit with every club in your bag will speed up club selection and let you manage your game better.

Up to 40 targets per hole
In combination with our high-quality professional course maps, available with one of our annual membership plans, the SkyCaddie can display up to 40 targets per hole. These ground-mapped SkyCourses include distances to hazards, fairway targets and layups that would not be visible with a laser or from satellite maps.

The SkyCaddie SG4 is well worth the price. has a great selection of new and used options and we have found them to have the best shipping options and customer service.

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